Record time

We made record time on the ship last night – more than 200 nautical miles. I think maybe 217nm in a 24 hour period. Fastest ever since the Gotheborg set sail!

The sea about us is impressive with strong waves and is quite beautiful. It replenishes me when I go up on deck. The toughest part is waking up for my 12 midnight duty! But everyone looks like hell and then five minutes before time, they are all there and ready. I like that pofessionalism.

I will try to write about my Fire Rounds later. Being a safety freak, I am quite particular about ensuring that I do a thorough job during my rounds. Wallace and Raffles both lost their wooden ships full of specimens to fire!! Of course that is melodramatic since the 21st century fire safety system here means the engineers will now about the fire before we find them. But still…


One Response to “Record time”

  1. Kristen Says:

    delighted to see your ship in Stanley last week – a great site, especially the rowing Santas heading out! Have a good photo of this sight if you want it – let me know by email!

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