Dry Gotheborg in Wet Singapore!

The skies over Singapore opened up yet once again and unleashed continuous rains over many parts of the island yesterday.

Ironincally, the ship remains largely dry. We even managed to dry the sails. I climbed up to spread a couple and was drenched with sweat from the effort!

The rains is expected to last till Sunday at least!


One Response to “Dry Gotheborg in Wet Singapore!”

  1. Anand Says:

    Hey man, welcome back! Actually sent you an SMS a few days ago when I saw the earlier post, but guess you’re not responding your hp yet.

    FYI, article in New Paper came out today about the Gotheborg & its voyage. Pretty good read, with an excellent graphic of the ship (but not surprising I guess, New Paper’s always been good at that). Mentioned the S’poreans & had a snippet from you – something abt climbing the sails I believe?

    But strangely they are also saying ship’s still not here. Not allowed to be early eh? Maybe that’s why the official website still says ship’s out at sea :p (but they seem to be slow to update that anyway). Must be a bit funny though to still be living onboard when you’re so close to home 🙂

    Well, have pleasant last few days & great New Year’s celebration in the 18th century, that will be memorable I’m sure. Will you be conducting tours onboard next week? Must come take a look, maybe arrange something with the others ……. how about it guys?

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