Open House aboard the Gotheborg

The Gotheborg is scheduled to arrive in Harbourfront, Singapore, on Saturday, 30th Dec 2006 from Stanley, Hong Kong. She is on her way back to Sweden on her historical voyage to China. Barring any natural disasters, she will depart Singapore on Sunday, 14th Jan 2007.

A welcome ceremony has been planned for her grand entrance this Saturday, at the Vivocity Promenade from 1.15pm – 3pm.

If you want to get up close and personal with this beautiful lady, you can do so the next day, from 31st Dec. The ship opens to the public till 9th Jan.

Tickets are S$10 for adults, S$5 for children below 12 years old. Family tickets are available too. See link for details. [link]

If you’re an IKEA Friends member, you can get 40% off the regular ticket prices (i.e. S$6-adults, S$3-child).


“The Swedish ship Gotheborg has been built according to traditional methods and with the same raw materials that were used in the 18th century. 1,000 oak logs and 50 kilometres of pine have been turned into a 58.5 metre long and 11 metre wide East Indiaman ship. The nails, blocks, sails, cordage and ropes have all been made by hand. It took 100,000 man hours just to build the rig. No drawings from the past were found, so the main keys to success had to be innovation, skill and persistent research. Modern equipment for safety, navigation, cooking, heating and hygiene has been carefully disguised onboard to preserve the traditional feel.”


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