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Götheborg off Marina Beach, Chennai

January 31, 2007

Photo by Rajesh RajooThe Götheborg has made a few jaws drop at Marina Beach in Chennai India, including that of blogger Rajesh Rajoo who took this photo!

I have had the privilege of feeling the sand in my toes on this very beach a few years ago and the sight of an ancient-looking ship offshore must be lovely!

The captain reports that the voyage there was a relatively calm and even the sun was kind; I suppose especially in comparison to the stormy HK to Singapore leg!


Blogging from the Götheborg

January 29, 2007

“Heading west in the trades!” By Björn. Björns sida, 22 Jan 2007.

“Sitting on gun-deck after a beautiul morning-watch. Took a reef in the fore top-sail, and sorted out some mistakes made by another watch when they reefed the main top-sail. It’s not hard to understand what you’re doing out here a morning like this. While reefing the fore top-sail, we could see the biolumnicensce created by dolphins playing in the bow wave. Later, alone on the main top yard, 30 meters over the sea, the sun was rising over an untouched horizon. …”

Björn’s blogging in English for her international audience – read on…

Singaporeans remember the Götheborg

January 29, 2007

My friends sent me off at Changi Airport in the wee hours of the morning of 6th December 2006 when I left to join the ship in Hong Kong, and then hailed me at Vivocity on 31 Jan.

They expressed a heart-warming interest in the Götheborg and her inner workings during the guiding sessions I conducted in the first week of January 2007. And certainly stole the heart of the crew when they said “you have a lovely ship”.

Some of them blogged about their experience:

Friends who blogged:

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In the first week of January, I was surprised that there was only the odd photo and casual remark in the blogsphere. It was simply a time lag for the search enginbes to catch up – numerous dedicated photo albums and blog posts have since emerged – it’s heart-warming to see Singaporeans remember the Götheborg!

Some of the links here:

Singaporeans who blogged:

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Singaporeans posted lovely photo albums:

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Bon Voyage Götheborg!

January 14, 2007

She left us today.

Crew of her Starboard watch packed up and kept the gangway, Port Watch sang a heartfelt farewell song, and Pieter and Stina, now in Midship watch, unfurled the large “Thank You” banner.

Pär Ahlberger
Pär Ahlberger, the Swedish Ambassador to Singapore
descends the Götheberg’s gangaway for the last time.

As the last notes faded, her cannons fired an 8-shot salute and the echoes rebounded off the walls of Vivocity.

The crew were in buoyant spirits, as they can finally look forward to some sailing,! It might be a couple of days before the crew’s new sailing skills are finally exercised though, since she will probably have to rely on engines until she clears the Melaka Straits.


She had left Singapore as she came, in the rains of the north-east monsoon.

Left behind on land, the rest of us (including three of the four Singaporeans who sailed her from Hong Kong; the fourth was on duty in the navy) looked on with mixed feelings – it’s lovely to see the Götheborg finally head out to sea, but we’ll miss her very much. After she disappeared from view, we chatted and said our final farewells in the ever-present drizzle.

See the photo essay, “Farewell, Gotheborg,” by Beserk. ClubSnap, 15 Jan 2007.

Her next port of call – Chennai, on 31st January 2007. They will remain in port there until 10th February.Bon Voyage Götheborg!

Götheborg salutes Singapore!

Seminar on Linnaeus Works in Sweden at the National University of Singapore

January 8, 2007

Title: “The work of Linnaeus continues in Sweden”
Speaker : Dr. Matt Berggren, Univ. Göteborg.

10th January 2007: 10 am

Host: Prof. Peter K.L. Ng.
Director, Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, NUS.

Matz Beggren who will sail the Götheberg on the Singapore-India leg will talk about Linné and the programmes, “In the wake of Linnaeus” and “The Swedish Taxonomy Initiative.” An exhibition will also be held by scientific artist Helena Samuelsson of the Tjarno Marine Biological Laboratory.

For details, please see See Raffles Museum News.

Captain and Siva on TV

January 8, 2007

Captain Peter Skaaling appeared on Prime Time Morning, Channelnews Asia this morning. I went along too.

The Captain, Stina and Siva on radio this morning

January 5, 2007


Captain Peter Kaaling and crew Stina Sahlström were invited to a radio interview on Mediacorp NewsRadio 93.8FM for the 10am programme “The Living Room”. I joined them to provide a local perspective.

Listen to the interview recording here.


“No point asking Stina, she doesn’t get sea-sick!…I read a book about the ship, and even in the old days, there were new sailors, and being sea-sick was about the worse fate that could befall them.”

Everything else was wonderful. We had vegetarian food, there were fresh water showers and most of all the crew, what the captain said about friendship was true, when I went down to the bunk or the ‘skanks’ as they call it….as they would walk in groups of 3 or 4 (from their shopping trips in HK), it was always the same reaction; “Oh are you a new crew member, and there would be a wide smile. So any fears I had about trying to fit in were completely dismissed in the first five minutes. It was a very very friendly crew”

p.s. Stina was my crew mate on Babord (port) Watch.

Monday morning the Captain and I head down again for the morning show on telly. He’ll be looking smart with his blue jacket!