The Captain, Stina and Siva on radio this morning


Captain Peter Kaaling and crew Stina Sahlström were invited to a radio interview on Mediacorp NewsRadio 93.8FM for the 10am programme “The Living Room”. I joined them to provide a local perspective.

Listen to the interview recording here.


“No point asking Stina, she doesn’t get sea-sick!…I read a book about the ship, and even in the old days, there were new sailors, and being sea-sick was about the worse fate that could befall them.”

Everything else was wonderful. We had vegetarian food, there were fresh water showers and most of all the crew, what the captain said about friendship was true, when I went down to the bunk or the ‘skanks’ as they call it….as they would walk in groups of 3 or 4 (from their shopping trips in HK), it was always the same reaction; “Oh are you a new crew member, and there would be a wide smile. So any fears I had about trying to fit in were completely dismissed in the first five minutes. It was a very very friendly crew”

p.s. Stina was my crew mate on Babord (port) Watch.

Monday morning the Captain and I head down again for the morning show on telly. He’ll be looking smart with his blue jacket!


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