Singaporeans remember the Götheborg

My friends sent me off at Changi Airport in the wee hours of the morning of 6th December 2006 when I left to join the ship in Hong Kong, and then hailed me at Vivocity on 31 Jan.

They expressed a heart-warming interest in the Götheborg and her inner workings during the guiding sessions I conducted in the first week of January 2007. And certainly stole the heart of the crew when they said “you have a lovely ship”.

Some of them blogged about their experience:

Friends who blogged:

  • “Bon voyage Siva!” By Lekowala. lekowala! 05 Dec 2006
  • “Welcoming the Gotheborg.” By Alvin’s Wong, Alvin’s spiel, 09 Jan 2007.
  • “The Swedish Ship Gotheborg in Singapore!” By Veron., 08 Jan 2007
  • “Gotheborg, the East Indiaman from Sweden.” By LingtheMerciless. theadventuresoflingthemerciless, 08 Jan 2007 (see also her artistic, annotated gallery; requires Kodak Easy Share sign-in).
  • “Boarding the Gotheborg.” Alvin’s spiel, 09 Jan 2007.
  • “Gotheborg = Yo Ta Bo Ri.” By Jen. The Blog Site of Adrian and Jennifer, 12 Jan 2007
  • “Big boat.” By Mr Budak. The annotated budak, 01 Jan 2007.

In the first week of January, I was surprised that there was only the odd photo and casual remark in the blogsphere. It was simply a time lag for the search enginbes to catch up – numerous dedicated photo albums and blog posts have since emerged – it’s heart-warming to see Singaporeans remember the Götheborg!

Some of the links here:

Singaporeans who blogged:

  • “Gotheborg To Visit Singapore.” By the Beautiful Singapore Team. Beautiful Singapore, ?26 Dec 2006
  • “On board Götheborg.” By parka. Parka Blogs, 31 Dec 2006.
  • “VivoCity Virgins: Part II – The Götheborg.” By Shafiee., 01 Jan 2007; “Singapore + Sweden = Friendship.” Juriah. By 01 Jan 2007
  • “Gotheborg In Singapore!” By Suaidah. Suaidah’s Site, 01 Jan 2007.
  • “The Gotheborg.” By sunnyray. SunnySideOfLife, 01 Jan 2007
  • “The 3rd. Cinco Meses.” By Java Kueen. Java Kueen, 03 Jan 2007.
  • “Give me again,… the lad that’s gone.” By berylma. pebbles and stones…., 04 Jan 2007.
  • “East Indiaman Götheborg is here in Singapore!!” By Chee Tiong. YoungJedi, 11 Jan 2007.
  • “Ship Ahoy! Blimey, is that the Gotheborg I see?” By Olivia Choong. I just don’t know what to do with myself!, 06 Jan 2007.
  • “Weekends getaway.” By Diyanah. Its all about the four letter word, 08 Jan 2007
  • “The Swedish Ship-Gotheborg at Vivo City.” By Laine Tan. its my world, my life, 19 Jan 2007Photo album.
  • “Gotheborg.” By Prince of Darkness. Petsha West, 20 Jan 2007.
  • “On board the East Indiaman Gotheborg.” By klearcolours. Dying since the day I was born, 23 Jan 2007.
  • “20070114” By shirleensmx [was involved in catering]. empty apartment here, 14 Jan 2007.
  • “Farewell To Gotherborg @ Vivo City Singapore.” By the Beautiful Singapore team. Beautiful Singapore, 15 Jan 2007.

Singaporeans posted lovely photo albums:

  • “Gotheborg.” By Lisa Hee. chromodynamics at large. 07 Jan 2007Album
  • “Gotheborg” By urbangear. A Dose of Mike’s Life, 02 Jan 2007
  • “The Swedish Ship Gotheborg.” By Daniel Hii. Fotopic, 06 Jan 2007blog post.
  • “GotheBorg.” By Calvin. De’Switch aka Calvin’s Photos, 09 Jan 2007.
  • “Gotheborg.” By weelyboleh. weely’s Site, 15 Jan 2007 [black & white photos].
  • “Photography: Swedish Ship, Gotheborg.” By William. A day in the life of a Be@rbrick, 15 Jan 2007
  • “Breath taking sunset.” By Siew Chin. Chinova, 20 Jan 2007
  • “Gotheborg – From the harbour.” By lastboltnut. ClupSnap Photography Forums, 25 Jan 2007.

3 Responses to “Singaporeans remember the Götheborg”

  1. Lisa Hee Says:

    Was pleasantly surprised to find a link here to my photo album. I’m sure you’ll savour the memories of your adventure on the HK-SG leg of the historical voyage for a lifetime. May you have many, many more wonderful adventures to come!

  2. Vodcast of Götheborg « Aboard the Swedish Ship, Götheborg Says:

    […] 88th episode, “Days of yore.” I missed Kenneth’s contribution when I searched for Singaporean responses in the blogosphere to the visit of the […]

  3. Laine Tab Says:


    I was suprise to find my web tag to here….mm…thanks.

    Yes Gotheborg is a really beautiful ship and may you guys have many more fun and adventures to come…!!!

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