Peter Kaaling returns to the Götheborg

Peter Kaaling has returned to captain the ship for the last part of the voyage back to Göteborg, Sweden. Two captains share the responsibility of leading the ship on its long voyage from Sweden to China and back. When I joined the Götheborg in Hong Kong, Peter Kaaling was captain and he would stay with the ship until Chennai, India.

Captain Gunnar Silfverberg Utgaard took over then and at has now handed the ship back at Alexandria, Egypt. Best wishes to him for his health.

Peter Kaaling will now sail the Götheborg back to her home city of Göteborg, Sweden.

Meanwhile, the SOIC website has put up the 27th March 2007 video update by Peder Jacobsson which was shot while they were at the Great Bitter Lake, Suez Canal.

Peder included footage of the Egyptian naval cadets who were with the Götheborg until recently and one of them says “every single day you get do something that you have never done before!”

The guitar strains of Ludwig Sääf that accompany the clip is lovely. Peder is doing a great job putting these clips together from the enormous footage he shoots. Everytime I watch the videos in the early morning, I ache to be back on board the Götheborg.

They are now heading north across the Mediterranean.


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