A taste of Singapore

Former Götheborg port watch crew-mate Tobias dropped anchor for a few hours on his way back to Sweden from Australia today. His flight to Singapore yesterday was delayed but he finally got though – but now with only a few hours to spare.

So there was no time cycle in Pulau Ubin but enough time for me to stuff him with ice-cream, chilli crab, seafood and the like in Holland Village, Singapore. The Singapore Navy guys missed dinner with us as they were out at sea or working late in the office. Poh Huat assured me our tax-payers money was being well spent with them working so hard!

Tobias at Block 40, Holland Village, Singapore (20 Apr 2007)

Tobias also drooled over “Around Cape Horn,” and wished the Beijing television documentary about the Götheborg that my friend Alvin brought back for me would be released with English titles – him and me both! Still I had watched that footage about the birth of the project in fascination.

We chatted about the ship and our former crew mates and he showed me this YouTube video of when our ship left Harbour City, Hong Kong. That was a lovely night and a great singing send-off by Henrik and the port watch crew. I realy enjoyed that performance and am glad linautb put it up here.

Tobias also says he hopes to be in another ship escorting the Götheborg back to the city in June when she completes her journey.

We talked a little too long (actually we were just getting warmed up) and panicked a little! But we were spot on time and I saw him off in a taxi and waved goodbye. But a short while later he texted to say that his flight to Sweden was cancelled!

However Tobias has great luck and an alternative flight through Frankfurt was found for him. His parents will be glad to see him after 7.5 months! He’ll be back in Göteborg tomorrow morning, Swedish time! Bon Voyage!


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