Ikea Singapore takes a bold step

Earth Day 2007 – “Ikea Singapore has taken a bold step – they are the first retailer in Singapore to stop issuing free plastic bags. From today, shopppers will have to pay the cost price of five cents for standard-size plastic bags and ten cents for the larger ones at both Ikea outlets in Alexandra Road and Tampines.”

Habitatnews has the story.

A story from last year heralded the culture. In “No plastic bags for her,” by Leong Su-Lin (The Sunday Times, 21 Dec 2006), she reported that:

“Candida Ho says that cutting down on using plastic bags can easily become a way of life, going by her experience in Sweden three years ago on an exchange programme.

The Swedes, she says, always take reusable bags to the supermarket or pay for the few plastic bags they use.

The habit stuck, and Ms Ho uses NTUC FairPrice and Sheng Siong reusable bags or her own knapsack to carry her groceries. “They’re light and convenient to carry around and less painful on the hands than carrying plastic bags,” she says.”

Ikea Singapore says no to free platic bags

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