Götheborg t-shirt in flooded Jakarta (Feb 2007)

I just discovered Amreta Sidik’s blog after responding to an invitation – Amreta was one of the Swedish embassy staff from Indonesia who volunteered to help out during the Götheborg layover in Singapore.

To my dismay, she got caught in the terrible floods in Jakarta, Indonesia that we had heard so much news about in February. But there she was, perched on her roof, drinking coffee in her Götheborg t-shirt. A veteran of a few floods, she was taking it calmly.

“The water started to ‘invade’ our house on Thursday night, and that it would go up until (at least) 1.60 meters inside the house (and about 2 meters outside) was quite unexpected. It happened very quickly, and certainly the electricity was cut off very soon after. …The water went up and up and up.”

Earlier she had looked down from her balcony to see the neighbourhood responding quickly; weren’t they great? Certainly the sort of folk you want on your ship in tough seas!

“…people ‘swimming’ in the flood, we could only see their heads above the water. Turned out they’re guys from our neighborhood, working very hard hand-in-hand to put ropes along the streets so that people can hang on them since the current in that particular junction (just below our balcony) was very strong.”

She did lose a lot of her books. But what did she say? “I think this is a big lesson in letting go.”

I’m so glad you’re strong, Amreta; stay cheerful!

Read the complete account “The February Flood.” By Amreta Sidik. Amreta’s Site, 05 Feb 2007.


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