Ostindiefararen Götheborg returns home!

Saturday 9th of June 2007 – The Swedish Ship Götheborg returned to her home port of Göteborg, after over 20 months on her first expedition to China and back. See this slide show with sounds of the return by Dick Gillbert.

I was unable to visit Göteborg to welcome the ship home and Katarina Svensson of the Embassy of Sweden here in Singapore said,

“…did you check out the homecoming of Götheborg? It was fantastic with close to 300 000 Swedes welcoming the ship home. And the guest of honour being the president of China, well, what can I say?!

My boss Capt Jarvid attended the welcome ceremony in Göteborg and he said it was truly a grand experience. I got goose bumps when he recaptured the event with the thousands of small sailing boats welcoming Götheborg. And rumour has it that she will be visiting Shanghai for the World Expo 2010, maybe a good time to revisit your old “home”?”

The Local reports:

“Thousands of onlookers gathered to welcome the three-masted wooden ship – an exact replica of the Swedish East India Company’s 18th century vessel of the same name – to Gothenburg’s Frihamn on Saturday afternoon.

Dozens of small boats escorted the ship into harbour and with a 21-gun salute Götheborg was brought into the quay by two tugboats.”

Video from vartgbg.

“King Carl XVI Gustaf and Chinese president Hu Jingtao watched the vessel arrive, along with some 90 guests of honour including the local bishop, top figures from business and Nobel Prizewinner Arvid Carlsson.

Peter Kaaling, who captained Götheborg into port, stood on deck and looked out over the flotilla of boats, from canoes to Chinese TV boats, surrounding the East Indiaman.

“I feel humbled. It’s fantastic that so many people have turned up to welcome us,” said Kaaling.”

See also the Xinhua report.

The 21-gun salute to mark her return takes the crowd by surprise!
Video by lumingliu

4 Responses to “Ostindiefararen Götheborg returns home!”

  1. carineswan Says:

    Woh! you were on the ship! How is it like? Is it a dangerous adventure?

  2. Seaotter Says:

    It was very safe and by then, the ship’s staff and crew had it all figured out. Everyone was sensibly safe. The monsoon winds and tidal stream the ship’s sustained speed record and it was beautiful.

    I did get seasick a couple of days but took pills and could work after a day. We did have to pick up the Swedish terms and commands for sailing so that we could function efffectively. We managed by mimicking the sounds and eventually asked some of them to stop mixing in English terms which were confusing us!

  3. carineswan Says:

    Woh, you picked up swedish really fast. It must really be an extraordinary experience.

  4. seaotter Says:

    Well, I didn’t pick up Swedish actually, just commands and parts of the ship. Enough so that when we had to scurry around in the dark on a stormy and tossing ship, we knew where to go and what to do.

    And when in doubt, I just made sure I didn’t pull the wrong rope by being behind at least one other crew mate.

    My shoulder’s still lose from all that hauling!

    Yeah I went out and bought Pirates of the Caribbean, Master and Commander, Mutiny on the Bounty etc – I watch those with great appreciation and its no longer the main actors I am watching!

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