Götheborg Commemorative Chinese Tea

The Sunday after the Götheborg returned to her home port (10 Jun 2007), Ivan Chew and his wife were at a Chinatown tea shop that they frequent. Ivan spotted a picture of the Götheborg on a box of tea and asked the shop assistant if he could take a picture. He says,

“I quickly added that “a friend was onboard this ship,” and she said “ok, take take”. The picture but alas not the tea!”

The label apparently states that it is a limited edition and each box has a serial number and a little certificate. He was a little vague but did add that the tea hop, D’Art Station, had two premises in Chinatown at 63 Temple Street, Singapore 058608 and 65 Pagoda Street, S(059224).

I know many of my Swedish crewmates who were in China had returned home with bags of tea from the Chinese, which had been offered in friendship. The sailors from three centuries ago had done pretty much the same thing in an effort to rake in a some profit from the demanding and long voyage from Göteborg to China and back.


One Response to “Götheborg Commemorative Chinese Tea”

  1. Ivan Chew Says:

    My pleasure, Siva. Actually, I spotted the tea the week before but I wasn’t sure if the shop would allow me to take a picture of it. My wife and I visited the shop again the following week. We were familiar faces by then so the shop assistant chatted with my wife. I took the chance to ask if I could take a picture. The shop assistant hesitated slightly. I wasn’t sure if she was curious at the request or about to say no. So I quickly added that “It’s for a friend who was on board the ship”. The shop assistant enthusiastically gave me permission.

    Let’s see… more about the tea — it’s called “Pu-erh” or “Pu’er” in mandarin. See this wikipedia entry for additional info.

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