Alvin stumbles on the Götheborg

Well, he didn’t see my favourite ship which he helped welcome back in Singapore in Dec 2006. Instead he encountered some tea and video and SMSed/emailed me:

While at his relative’s place in Guangzhou, Alvin, Robina and his sister ventured around in search of coffee and tea. Alvin then spotted a special edition Götheborg pu-er tea bricks! Read his blog.

Earlier this evening, he emailed me a link that had me writing to my old shipmates: he sent me this link to some footage from the Chinese CCTV webpage.

The videos are from a series called New Frontiers that was broadcast in June 2007. The feature, “A voyage chasing the sun” is in English and is base don the footage taken by the Chinese CCTV staff who accompanied the Götheborg enroute to China.

The first episode I watched featured the stopover, New Year celebrations and the arrival and training of the and at Recife – a year before I set foot about her planks!

“The whole world will become peaceful.”


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