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Götheborg at Göteborg

July 3, 2007

Finally, some photos from the celebrations at Göteborg! China-SG Port watch volunteer crew Josephine Lidvall just posted an album of photos on her facebook account.

Volunteer crew on the Götheborg

Port Watch sings!

L-R: Peter Bäversjö, Dag Jonasson, Tobias Gren, Per Nilsson Strängberg,
Henrik Alling, Stina Sahlström.


Götheborg in London

May 20, 2007

19 May 2007 – On the Thames between Tilbury and Tower Bridge; Logbook – “Excitement on board in anticipation of the highlight of the afternoon. The Götheborg will pass under Tower Bridge and fire a salute, which will be answered by HMS Belfast, now a museum ship at anchor in the river, opposite to the Tower.”

The London SE1 website team on the Götheborg’s return to London:

“Gotheborg returned to London 262 years after the original ship left for Sweden… Tower Bridge lifted to allow the ship into the Upper Pool of London. Gotheborg fired its cannon in salute, with HMS Belfast’s guns firing in return. The merchantman turned round in front of London Bridge before the crew climbed the rigging to release streamers in the colours of the British and Swedish flags.

Swedish ship Götheborg Gun Salute to London by SuperSwede66.

Gotheborg then returned downstream to West India Dock where it is open to the public until Thursday 31 May. The ship will pay a final visit to the Pool of London on Saturday 2 June … before setting off on the final leg of its voyage back to Sweden.”

Götheborg fires her canons, London

See the London SE1 webpage for more and some nice photos of the crew at the bow and this one of my former Babord (HK-SG) crew mates, Peter Bäversjö, looking none the worse for wear after being on board since Hong Kong.

The long pennants were released from the top yards. Red for China (mizzen mast), red-white-blue for Britain (main mast) and blue-and-yellow for Sweden (fore mast).

A taste of Singapore

April 20, 2007

Former Götheborg port watch crew-mate Tobias dropped anchor for a few hours on his way back to Sweden from Australia today. His flight to Singapore yesterday was delayed but he finally got though – but now with only a few hours to spare.

So there was no time cycle in Pulau Ubin but enough time for me to stuff him with ice-cream, chilli crab, seafood and the like in Holland Village, Singapore. The Singapore Navy guys missed dinner with us as they were out at sea or working late in the office. Poh Huat assured me our tax-payers money was being well spent with them working so hard!

Tobias at Block 40, Holland Village, Singapore (20 Apr 2007)

Tobias also drooled over “Around Cape Horn,” and wished the Beijing television documentary about the Götheborg that my friend Alvin brought back for me would be released with English titles – him and me both! Still I had watched that footage about the birth of the project in fascination.

We chatted about the ship and our former crew mates and he showed me this YouTube video of when our ship left Harbour City, Hong Kong. That was a lovely night and a great singing send-off by Henrik and the port watch crew. I realy enjoyed that performance and am glad linautb put it up here.

Tobias also says he hopes to be in another ship escorting the Götheborg back to the city in June when she completes her journey.

We talked a little too long (actually we were just getting warmed up) and panicked a little! But we were spot on time and I saw him off in a taxi and waved goodbye. But a short while later he texted to say that his flight to Sweden was cancelled!

However Tobias has great luck and an alternative flight through Frankfurt was found for him. His parents will be glad to see him after 7.5 months! He’ll be back in Göteborg tomorrow morning, Swedish time! Bon Voyage!

Peter Kaaling returns to the Götheborg

April 5, 2007

Peter Kaaling has returned to captain the ship for the last part of the voyage back to Göteborg, Sweden. Two captains share the responsibility of leading the ship on its long voyage from Sweden to China and back. When I joined the Götheborg in Hong Kong, Peter Kaaling was captain and he would stay with the ship until Chennai, India.

Captain Gunnar Silfverberg Utgaard took over then and at has now handed the ship back at Alexandria, Egypt. Best wishes to him for his health.

Peter Kaaling will now sail the Götheborg back to her home city of Göteborg, Sweden.

Meanwhile, the SOIC website has put up the 27th March 2007 video update by Peder Jacobsson which was shot while they were at the Great Bitter Lake, Suez Canal.

Peder included footage of the Egyptian naval cadets who were with the Götheborg until recently and one of them says “every single day you get do something that you have never done before!”

The guitar strains of Ludwig Sääf that accompany the clip is lovely. Peder is doing a great job putting these clips together from the enormous footage he shoots. Everytime I watch the videos in the early morning, I ache to be back on board the Götheborg.

They are now heading north across the Mediterranean.

Blogging from the Götheborg

January 29, 2007

“Heading west in the trades!” By Björn. Björns sida, 22 Jan 2007.

“Sitting on gun-deck after a beautiul morning-watch. Took a reef in the fore top-sail, and sorted out some mistakes made by another watch when they reefed the main top-sail. It’s not hard to understand what you’re doing out here a morning like this. While reefing the fore top-sail, we could see the biolumnicensce created by dolphins playing in the bow wave. Later, alone on the main top yard, 30 meters over the sea, the sun was rising over an untouched horizon. …”

Björn’s blogging in English for her international audience – read on…

Bon Voyage Götheborg!

January 14, 2007

She left us today.

Crew of her Starboard watch packed up and kept the gangway, Port Watch sang a heartfelt farewell song, and Pieter and Stina, now in Midship watch, unfurled the large “Thank You” banner.

Pär Ahlberger
Pär Ahlberger, the Swedish Ambassador to Singapore
descends the Götheberg’s gangaway for the last time.

As the last notes faded, her cannons fired an 8-shot salute and the echoes rebounded off the walls of Vivocity.

The crew were in buoyant spirits, as they can finally look forward to some sailing,! It might be a couple of days before the crew’s new sailing skills are finally exercised though, since she will probably have to rely on engines until she clears the Melaka Straits.


She had left Singapore as she came, in the rains of the north-east monsoon.

Left behind on land, the rest of us (including three of the four Singaporeans who sailed her from Hong Kong; the fourth was on duty in the navy) looked on with mixed feelings – it’s lovely to see the Götheborg finally head out to sea, but we’ll miss her very much. After she disappeared from view, we chatted and said our final farewells in the ever-present drizzle.

See the photo essay, “Farewell, Gotheborg,” by Beserk. ClubSnap, 15 Jan 2007.

Her next port of call – Chennai, on 31st January 2007. They will remain in port there until 10th February.Bon Voyage Götheborg!

Götheborg salutes Singapore!

Captain and Siva on TV

January 8, 2007

Captain Peter Skaaling appeared on Prime Time Morning, Channelnews Asia this morning. I went along too.

The Captain, Stina and Siva on radio this morning

January 5, 2007


Captain Peter Kaaling and crew Stina Sahlström were invited to a radio interview on Mediacorp NewsRadio 93.8FM for the 10am programme “The Living Room”. I joined them to provide a local perspective.

Listen to the interview recording here.


“No point asking Stina, she doesn’t get sea-sick!…I read a book about the ship, and even in the old days, there were new sailors, and being sea-sick was about the worse fate that could befall them.”

Everything else was wonderful. We had vegetarian food, there were fresh water showers and most of all the crew, what the captain said about friendship was true, when I went down to the bunk or the ‘skanks’ as they call it….as they would walk in groups of 3 or 4 (from their shopping trips in HK), it was always the same reaction; “Oh are you a new crew member, and there would be a wide smile. So any fears I had about trying to fit in were completely dismissed in the first five minutes. It was a very very friendly crew”

p.s. Stina was my crew mate on Babord (port) Watch.

Monday morning the Captain and I head down again for the morning show on telly. He’ll be looking smart with his blue jacket!

Sailing in to Vivocity!

December 30, 2006

Parka was at Vivocity on the 30th when we sailed in, and he captures his first impressions on his blog. Its loaded with great photos – hop over for a look!

Kids cheering the Götheberg

Hong Kong to Singapore: crew

December 30, 2006

Photo of most of the Hong Kong to Singapore crew at the bow, 30 Dec 2006. We were already in Singapore waters then, moored off Marina South.

Click for a larger image!