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How did I know Götheborg is at SAIL Amsterdam?

August 19, 2010

It was the my Swedish ex-crewmates who got me onto facebook in late 2006/early 2007, so its no surprise that the best medium for getting news about the ship is through the official facebook page. They do provide English updates after ex-guest crew like myself grumbled a bit!

Well, that’s how I heard that two million will watch Swedish ship Götheborg lead a parade of 150 tall ships , 6,000 boats @ SAIL Amsterdam 2010. Told travelling friends to head that way!

Link –

Facebook | The Swedish Ship G�borg


Götheborg in London

May 20, 2007

19 May 2007 – On the Thames between Tilbury and Tower Bridge; Logbook – “Excitement on board in anticipation of the highlight of the afternoon. The Götheborg will pass under Tower Bridge and fire a salute, which will be answered by HMS Belfast, now a museum ship at anchor in the river, opposite to the Tower.”

The London SE1 website team on the Götheborg’s return to London:

“Gotheborg returned to London 262 years after the original ship left for Sweden… Tower Bridge lifted to allow the ship into the Upper Pool of London. Gotheborg fired its cannon in salute, with HMS Belfast’s guns firing in return. The merchantman turned round in front of London Bridge before the crew climbed the rigging to release streamers in the colours of the British and Swedish flags.

Swedish ship Götheborg Gun Salute to London by SuperSwede66.

Gotheborg then returned downstream to West India Dock where it is open to the public until Thursday 31 May. The ship will pay a final visit to the Pool of London on Saturday 2 June … before setting off on the final leg of its voyage back to Sweden.”

Götheborg fires her canons, London

See the London SE1 webpage for more and some nice photos of the crew at the bow and this one of my former Babord (HK-SG) crew mates, Peter Bäversjö, looking none the worse for wear after being on board since Hong Kong.

The long pennants were released from the top yards. Red for China (mizzen mast), red-white-blue for Britain (main mast) and blue-and-yellow for Sweden (fore mast).

Man overboard!

April 28, 2007

News on the main page – a crewman is reported overboard on 26 Apr 2007!

The drills worked – note that new crew had come aboard at Nice – the deckhand immediately shouts “Man overboard!” A lifebouy is thrown out, sails are taken in and the ship turned around. The MOB raft is launched and reaches the deckhand in a minute; she is safe. Well done everyone!

Earlier in the Captain’s log, Peter Kaaling writes that the ship had arrived at Nice in grand style,

“…we “sailed” along the beach and Promenade des Anglais. The spanker was set, but there was no wind to fill it. It looked impressive anyway. There is enough depth here, so I went in really close. Later on people who had been sitting on the beach told me that it had really been a formidable sight.

We later on also learned that the mayor had been giving a speech about the Götheborg in the afternoon. He had stood by a window with his back to the sea. Just as he is talking, the ship appears outside.”

But the bit I liked the best, that reminds me of the man so well:

“…In the afternoon I was down on the quay and was asked whether it was free admittance for children. Yes, I said. Could you then show the children around, we cannot afford going aboard! And a little boy and a little girl of about 4-5 years were ushered up to me.

Well, it was just taking them by the hand and lead them around. I was speaking Swedish and they were speaking French, but as usual with children, it worked very well. Children have a marvellous ability to understand, even if they do not know the words. It is part of their development, I suppose.

Having seen with big eyes the guns and the wheel and jumped from sundeck to quarterdeck, I handed them back to their parents, waiting on the quay.”

Having left Nice on 24 Apr 2007, the Götheborg is now on leg 10 of a 11 leg journey. She is now headed for Gibraltar and is scheduled to reach London on 19th of May 2007.

Anchored in Rainy Singapore

December 26, 2006

We arrived in Singapore waters far ahead of our scheduled ETA on 30th Dec.

Now moored off the Marina South Pier.


Ahoy! To Singapore We Sail!

December 12, 2006

All hands on deck!

The ship rotates around the anchor with the tides. At the time we were to set sail, the ship was facing inland. So the sails were set up to catch the wind to turn the ship around.

Weigh Anchor!
With the ship facing seawards, we reeled in the anchor and said goodbye to Stanley.

Shore leave

December 9, 2006

We’ve had fire safety briefings, tour and familiarisation of the ship. The ship is built solidly. And they did a good job integrating modern features on this beauty.

We are given some shore leave time today. I’ll be looking to get notebooks and some toiletries. And perhaps visit the Hong Kong Maritime Museum.


The captain calculated we might cross a typhoon’s path, so we’re setting sail two days later than scheduled. Nonetheless, we should arrive in Singapore before the New Year.