Stanley, Hong Kong

December 7, 2006

hkmap-zoom1.gifWe left Victoria Harbour on the 6th of December.

We are now in Stanley Harbour, at the southern most tip of Hong Kong Island.

There will be a series of mini exhibitions on the island about the Swedish East India Company, with maps, paintings and artefacts from the original Gotheborg wreck.

Meanwhile, the crew spend time on maintenance. Plenty of that to do on a 18th century replica! It’s also an easy way for the trainee crews to learn the ropes.

I was introduced to climbing the rig today, up the main mast. All the way up with Watch Leader Hendrik and Po Huat, the other Singaporean in my watch. We climbed slowly and safely and my knees held out. Hendrik allowed us some leisurely time up there to enjoy the view (rest of the watch was working) and chat a bit.

He recounted a time he saw albatrosses out at sea, prompting me to tell him the story of the “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” by S. T. Coleridge. I still remember a little and cited a few poignant lines.

Storing mooring ropes now – the large ones that kept the ship tied to the dock. Swabbed decks earlier. I will have a good night’s sleep tonight.

We set sail again in 3 days, on 10 Dec.


A “traditional” birthday

December 7, 2006

The crew sang me a birthday song last night; circling me on the capstan as they did so.

It’s a ship tradition, they say.

How sweet!

Up on the Rig

December 6, 2006

Talk about manual labour – sails are furled, reefed and unfurled by the crew, like in the old days. You got to love climbing and working as a team!




What was I thinking?!

December 6, 2006

Boarded the ship at about 5pm. All okay.
I will start working from 10pm.
When we sail, my watch, the Port Watch, will go on duty from 12 to 4; AM and PM.
All the crew members are in their twenties.
This was quite a crazy idea. But I will try to survive.

Well, finally, I might lose some weight!

Update – hmm..maybe not, chef’s too good!

Getting to the Ship

December 6, 2006

Arrived at Hong Kong International Airport after a 3hour 40 minute flight. Wei Chuan, one of the other Singaporean trainee crew was on the same flight.

Smog everywhere!

Now to get to Victoria Harbour: Ocean Terminal in Harbour City.

We traveled up and down the MTR‘s airport express line! So silly. Luckily, we got intercepted by an MTR staff, who introduced us to a great shortcut – the shuttle bus!

We wandered through Harbour City, turned a corner and there she was – the Götheberg! Teo (Wei Chuen) and I took in the view of her for a few minutes.

After a couple of minutes, we walked up to crew members and announced our presence. The Navy guys, Oh Poh Huat and Oh Zong Bo, onboard the previous day, greeted us heartily minutes later.


Gotheborg, here I come!

December 6, 2006

Lekowala and friends sees me off at Changi Airport for my early morning flight to Hong Kong. [link]


On board the Götheborg, 6-31 Dec 2006

December 5, 2006

I received an invitation to sail aboard a Swedish ship sailing from Hong Kong to Singapore, from 6th to 31st of December. Its a replica of a 18th century East Indiaman Götheborg. I didn’t hesitate!