Ostindiefararen Götheborg “has great tasks ahead in her future”

January 30, 2011

Eastindiaman, an invaluable public relations machine.
“Ostindiefararen en ovärderlig PR-maskin,” by Anders Wästfelt. Göteborgs-Posten, 30 Januari 2011 [link; excerpt below via Google Translate].

It is time to lift our eyes on the East Indiaman Götheborg future. The ship’s sailing life has far from finished and has great future tasks, functioning as a symbol, community, inspiration, work and income, writes Anders Wästfelt, who found the wreck and initiated the construction of the new ship.

Ostindiefararen G�borg homecoming - Anna Olofsson
Homecoming by Anna Olofsson (2007)

“In view of the past few days of intense debate in the media with the City Council, on the future of the East Indiaman, we think it is time to lift our eyes a bit above the horizon. In the right hands, the Götheborg, our ship, is a regional and national asset with huge potential.

The ship’s sailing career is far from finished. She has great tasks ahead in her future, functioning as a symbol of our community, an inspiration for continued work and a source of income. She is well built and with proper maintenance, she can sail for another 20-30 years.

When the project to build a new East Indiaman that would sail was started in 1992, it was a private initiative. It was well thought out and gained the support of international shipbuilding experts, the best marketing specialists, lawyers, economists, politicians, sinologists, university academics, colleges of UD and the Swedish Trade Council.

Everyone we met – generally and friends – all the way up to the Swedish Royal Family, knew our mind and gave their support. Already during the excavation period the Gothenburg industry thought the idea was brilliant.

For all of us, it was obvious that China was about to wake up and that Sweden, through its unique position as a peaceful trade partner since 1731, this was a unique chance to reconnect with their excellent connections.

Let us look up

When the newly built East Indiaman set sail in October 2005, this was the result of tens of thousands of people’s dedication and work, and an almost Chinese foresight in planning. The reception she received in China was amazing! The value of the goodwill, increase in knowledge, changed attitudes and trade contacts that this project has already created, can not be overstated.

Let us raise your sights above the horizon today. Call in all the good forces in order to re-contribute to our ship, Götheborg, and plan for everything that the ship can be used in the future so that she shall remain the shining symbol that she is.

Our ship will act as a focal point for Swedish international business and entrepreneurship, taking care of our young people, working on peace and environmental activities, promote cultural exchange and point out the value of friendship, knowledge, research, sustainability and peaceful trade. The ship voyages can be combined with exhibitions and education both in modern navigation systems in commercial applications, languages, international trade and leadership.

The ship’s symbolic value is created as to be involved in infrastructure projects, the creation of international trading houses and contribute to business development between Sweden and Asia.

Ship Götheborg has already contributed billions of dollars in marketing value to the Swedish society and has given tens of thousands of people inspired and unforgettable experiences of belonging. There is no reason to let this stop now!

An indispensable symbol

The basis for the ship’s future is a well-functioning economy and long-term planning. The ship is an indispensable symbol of Sweden as a nation, for the Swedish culture and industry and above all as an inspiration for what courage, determination and entrepreneurship can bring. It is our firm conviction that the ownership of the Foundation with enthusiasm and clear vision can create the economic opportunities along with all those who have and will benefit from this ship in the future.”

Anders Wästfelt
Think Tank Indiaman

Think Tank Indiaman was formed in September 2010 on the occasion of the founder current assignment ends in 2011. Thought blacksmiths are: Bengt Tengroth, Bo Alfredsson, Bertil Philipson, Louis Nelson, Peter Kaaling, Jan-Erik Nilsson and Anders Wästfelt.


Göteborg to Singapore – on bicycle!

September 15, 2010

Viktor Predan cycled from Göteborg to Singapore, from Aug 2009 to January 2010. Read about his adventures at viktorpredan.blogspot.com

My Cycle Tour - Google Maps

How did I know Götheborg is at SAIL Amsterdam?

August 19, 2010

It was the my Swedish ex-crewmates who got me onto facebook in late 2006/early 2007, so its no surprise that the best medium for getting news about the ship is through the official facebook page. They do provide English updates after ex-guest crew like myself grumbled a bit!

Well, that’s how I heard that two million will watch Swedish ship Götheborg lead a parade of 150 tall ships , 6,000 boats @ SAIL Amsterdam 2010. Told travelling friends to head that way!

Link – facebook.com/swedishshipgotheborg.

Facebook | The Swedish Ship G�borg

Dutch crewman blogs on “Swedish Ship Götheborg’s Blog”

August 19, 2010

Follow the adventures of crewman no. 41, Marvin from Amsterdam, who has been blogging from the Götheborg in English at swedishshipgotheborg.wordpress.com from 16th August 2010.

fotos-marieke-de-mink-blog3-1.jpg 640մ26 pixels

He said,

” For two weeks I have been anxious as a little boy to finally board the ship. I am not a sailor at all, but a chance to be like Jack Sparrow is one that should be taken.”

Don’t expect too many posts though. There is sailing to do!

Swedish Ship G�borg's Blog | Sommaren 2010

“The East Indiaman – To China and back again”

December 17, 2008

I just saw this posted on Facebook by my Babord crewmate, Per: the trailer for the documentary “Ostindiefararen – Till Kina och hem igen” (English: “The East Indiaman – To China and back again”). This film, by Peder Jacobsson, Patrik Axén and Johan Löfstedt premiered on the 7th of November 2008.

According to Amreta in Indonesia who saw the film at the Maritime Museum in Jakarta, Swedish singer Maia Hirasawa’s song, “Gothenburg” is played in the closing:

Hope I get to see it sometime soon!

Alvin stumbles on the Götheborg

June 19, 2008

Well, he didn’t see my favourite ship which he helped welcome back in Singapore in Dec 2006. Instead he encountered some tea and video and SMSed/emailed me:

While at his relative’s place in Guangzhou, Alvin, Robina and his sister ventured around in search of coffee and tea. Alvin then spotted a special edition Götheborg pu-er tea bricks! Read his blog.

Earlier this evening, he emailed me a link that had me writing to my old shipmates: he sent me this link to some footage from the Chinese CCTV webpage.

The videos are from a series called New Frontiers that was broadcast in June 2007. The feature, “A voyage chasing the sun” is in English and is base don the footage taken by the Chinese CCTV staff who accompanied the Götheborg enroute to China.

The first episode I watched featured the stopover, New Year celebrations and the arrival and training of the and at Recife – a year before I set foot about her planks!

“The whole world will become peaceful.”

Morning and Amreta remember the Götheborg

August 9, 2007

My hard working fellow crew mate Morning (Shang Wu Yu) from China remembers the grand old ship with a photo album. Click to see photos of her on the Götheborg:

Meanwhile, Amreta Sidik from Jakarta has (finallly!) uploaded a whole bunch of photos from the Singapore visit (4 albums) and Jakarta as well.

02 Aug 2007: “Linnaeus and His Garden”

July 26, 2007

In celebration of the 300th Anniversary of the birth of Carolus Linnaeus, the Singapore Botanic Gardens and the Swedish Embassy present: “Linnaeus and His Garden”.

2007 marks the 300th birth anniversary of Carolus Linnaeus, the Father of Plant and Animal Classification. Prof Tomas Hallingback, from the Swedish Agricultural University, Uppsala, Sweden will present a seminar on the history, design, transformation, preservation an the scientific significance of the world famous garden built by Linnaeus in Uppsala, Sweden.

All are welcome!

Date: Thursday, 2 August 2007
Venue: Library Courtyard (Level 1 Botany Centre),
Singapore Botanic Gardens

3.45pm: Arrival of Guests
4.00pm: Launch of Linnaeus Exhibition & Viewing of Exhibition
4.30pm: Gardens’ Talk Series: “Linnaeus and His Garden”
5.30pm: End of Talk

See also Habitatnews.

Götheborg at Göteborg

July 3, 2007

Finally, some photos from the celebrations at Göteborg! China-SG Port watch volunteer crew Josephine Lidvall just posted an album of photos on her facebook account.

Volunteer crew on the Götheborg

Port Watch sings!

L-R: Peter Bäversjö, Dag Jonasson, Tobias Gren, Per Nilsson Strängberg,
Henrik Alling, Stina Sahlström.

Götheborg Commemorative Chinese Tea

June 23, 2007

The Sunday after the Götheborg returned to her home port (10 Jun 2007), Ivan Chew and his wife were at a Chinatown tea shop that they frequent. Ivan spotted a picture of the Götheborg on a box of tea and asked the shop assistant if he could take a picture. He says,

“I quickly added that “a friend was onboard this ship,” and she said “ok, take take”. The picture but alas not the tea!”

The label apparently states that it is a limited edition and each box has a serial number and a little certificate. He was a little vague but did add that the tea hop, D’Art Station, had two premises in Chinatown at 63 Temple Street, Singapore 058608 and 65 Pagoda Street, S(059224).

I know many of my Swedish crewmates who were in China had returned home with bags of tea from the Chinese, which had been offered in friendship. The sailors from three centuries ago had done pretty much the same thing in an effort to rake in a some profit from the demanding and long voyage from Göteborg to China and back.